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Club, Society, NGO, Trust

We look Forward To Getting to know
you and to helping you take your
business to new heights!

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What is NGO? How to Form/Register NGO?

NGO is a short form of "Nongovernmental Organization". Thus NGO is a non-governmental organization and, in its broadest sense, is one that is not directly part of the structure of government. NGOs have developed to emphasize and promote humanitarian issues, development aid, and sustainable development. A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a legally constituted organization created by natural or legal persons that operate independently from any form of government. The term normally used to refer to organizations that are not a part of the government and are not a conventional for-profit business. How to form the NGO? As explained above NGO is a category of organisation register for the non profit motive. So register Trust, Society, Section 25 Company as NGOs.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning Consultants, Inc. combines the responsiveness of a growing firm with the research strengths of a large, established organization. Our business strategy is to build an in-house consulting team with strong credentials and analytical skills, while also cultivating relationships with outside specialists in the fields of accounting, law, securities, and insurance. In this way, we can offer complete and competitive solutions to our clients. As your financial advisory group, we help you to be proactive versus haphazard in your financial and investment decisions. We develop and implement personally tailored financial plans and then help you monitor your progress. Most importantly, we help reduce the time you spend working on your finances.

TAX Solution

The reality is your tax problems are not going away on their own, they are only going to get more legally complicated and you stand to lose all your savings and assets. Start by acknowledging that it may be time to take the first step towards getting professional help and be comforted by knowing there are many solutions that you can leverage with an expert on your side.

Goods and Service Tax

GST (Goods a service tax) is a Pan based comprehensive, multi-stage destination based valued added tax on manufacture, Sale and consumption of goods throughout the India. GST replaces all taxes levied by the state and central governments. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not only the tax reforms in the India, it is going to be business reforms. Government aims to remove all tax barriers between central &states. It aims to create a single market with mission of one nation one tax

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